Small Business Case Studies

Practical Ideas, Big Results

Small Business Case StudiesThe small business case studies below demonstrate the power of applying simple strategies to achieve real results:  sales and profit growth, more control, better systems and quality teams. We built profit together through leverage — marketing, sales, operations, systems and people.  You can too.

In each case study, I will share with you the challenge the owner faced, the goals we set, the actions we took and the results achieved — many in less than six months.

Client Business Case Studies

Professional Services:  Firm was experiencing margin erosion due to inefficient systems and changes in customer mix. By restructuring the organization, implementing marketing changes and modifying systems, profit increased 18%. Here are the actions we took.  Read More

Gymnastics Training Facility:   Free trials are a common, effective way to generate new business if you convert a lot of those trials to paying students or customers. Here is how we improved conversions by 12% — increasing sales without investing more money in marketing and lead generation. Read More

Specialty Medical Practice:   This boutique medical practice had consistent revenue growth.  Eroding industry margins, employee turnover, and daily operations were consuming a lot of time and affecting profit. Here is how we freed up the physician and increased patient visits 22% without expanding hours or sacrificing patient care. Read More

Plastics Manufacturer:  Plastic manufacturer, with a reputation for quality and on-time delivery, was experiencing a decline in new and repeat sales to current customers — creating an erosion in profit. Here’s how we increased profit and grew sales 22% without spending additional marketing dollars.  Read More

Cleaning Service:  Business was experiencing a decline in sales and profit in the residential market due to margin erosion, turnover, and inefficient systems. Here’s how we fixed it — increasing net profit 56% within 6 months. Read More

General Contractor:  This contractor typically experienced a slowdown in remodeling and major renovations projects from November through February.  Here’s how we kept the technicians busy and turned a $180 investment into $43,000 in sales during this time period. Read More

Automotive Repair Shop:  This four-bay facility consistently grew 5% year after year but gross profit margins were well below the industry average.  Here’s how we improved profit margins by 43% while still growing sales. Read More

Financial Services:  Standing out in this industry is always a challenge.  Here is how a niche market and sales system helped this client grow sales by 51%. Read More  

Electric Power Supply Distributor: While putting a lot of emphasis on new customers, the business didn’t put much emphasis on repeat business.  Having served thousands of customers over the years, here is what we did to tap into this group to grow existing and former customer sales by 21%. Read More

Manufacturer:  While the business generated over 250 new leads per year, they were only converting 6% of those leads to actual sales – a waste of time and money.  Here is how we doubled sales conversion rates to increase profit 14% without discounting or eroding profit margins. Read More

Wholesaler:  Distributor invested a lot of money to generate quality leads — without a lot of success.  Here’s how we used improved targeting, messaging and their sales system to convert more leads and increase sales by 22% — without discounting. Read More

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