McCabe Electric

I hired Joan because I needed the spark to get me to the next level of my growing business. Getting caught up in the business and growing the business needed a line of separation that was hard for me to let go of. With Joan’s help, I was able to move forward under terms I was comfortable with – with outstanding results. I’m now in a position to oversee and guide the business instead of driving it forward – and my company continues to thrive.

Having Joan to throw out ideas and force me to strive to reach my goals has propelled me to a place where I am happy with “letting go” of the day-to-day operations and being able to concentrate on the final destination. Just so you know, the final destination’s roadways are never straight, but with a plan in hand, you will get there. Not Joan’s quote, but something I have learned, thanks to her.

Joe McCabeMcCabe ElectricHamilton Township, NJ