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One Journey, Three Lessons

Joan Nowak | My Story - one journey, three lessons

Over the years, countless people have inquired about the motivations behind my decision to leave a thriving corporate career and venture into entrepreneurship. The truth is, I did not grow up dreaming of owning my own business. However, my experiences within the corporate sphere gave me inspiration and invaluable lessons, ultimately leading me to take the entrepreneurial leap. My story and this transformative journey began with an encounter with a small business owner in New England.

My Story | Joan Nowak

Freshly graduated from Mobil Oil’s training program, I was assigned to a franchise territory in New England to assist local franchisees in boosting their sales and profitability. There I crossed paths with David, the owner of a gasoline station and automotive repair shop. David’s passion for people and his extensive knowledge of automobiles were immediately apparent. Yet, like many small business owners, David was struggling to realize the full potential of his business.

As we collaborated, we initiated changes — small at first, but increasingly significant as we progressed. In less than six months, David’s sales had doubled, and his net profits soared into six-figure territory. His business was thriving, but more importantly, David had gained control and confidence. It was during this period that I came to realize:

Lesson #1 – Small Improvements Can Yield Big Results.

David absorbed a wealth of knowledge, and as he grew, so did his business. One day, he called me, brimming with excitement because another business owner had sought his advice. Although I couldn’t see his face, the pride in his voice was palpable. David’s accomplishments earned him recognition trips and a position on Mobil’s dealer advisory board. His success left a lasting impression on me. Through David and other small business owners I was privileged to work with, I came to understand:

Lesson #2 – Positive Changes in a Small Business Can Be Life-Altering for the Owner.

This experience sowed the seeds of entrepreneurship within me and ignited my passion for continual learning. A decade and five relocations later, I felt I was finally on the right path! When the opportunity to join an energy startup presented itself, I seized it. Building a business from the ground up was an incredible learning experience that brought me closer to my ultimate goal.

Then, something life-changing occurred—the birth of my daughter, Alexandra. With her arrival, I realized she was now depending on me. Instinctively, I knew that owning my own business could offer greater control and flexibility. Yet concerns about financial security loomed large. The prospect of relinquishing my salary, benefits, and other corporate perks was daunting. What if I failed? My father’s words echoed in my mind, “It’s better to try and fail than never to try at all.” But this decision wasn’t solely about me; it would also impact my daughter.

Like many of you, I weighed the pros and cons, conducted thorough research, and crunched the numbers. I sought advice from mentors, sharing my aspirations and plans. Despite the encouragement I received, I still grappled with doubts. Should I delay my dream for a few more years? But if not now, then when? It was then that I understood:

Lesson #3 – The Optimal Time to Pursue Your Dreams is NOW.

In 2004, I bid farewell to corporate America and began my journey as a business coach. The journey was undoubtedly challenging, with numerous bumps along the way. It took longer than anticipated to secure clients and establish a consistent revenue stream. However, with unwavering focus, persistence, and support from my coach, I made significant strides. Everything began to fall into place.

Since launching my business, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of business owners across various industries. Yet, I will always be grateful to David and others for the invaluable lessons and the inspiration to chase my dreams.

Your Journey Begins with a Conversation.

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