A Better Janitorial Service

Thanks for helping me get back on track! Before I met Joan, declining profits, customer turnover and service issues were consuming my time. My business was too dependent on me. With Joan’s help and knowledge, I hired an assistant to help with sales and administration. We  modified our marketing, implemented sales and delivery systems,defined staff roles and responsibilities and shared goals with our team.

Within 5 months, we increased sales by 15%, increased average customer retention from 3.9 to 5.2 months and improved net profit 56%. Our team now understands and is committed to our customer and business goals.

Investing in a business coach was a great way to get my business back on track and increase profitability. Joan helped me make my business fun, simple and profitable again! I recommend Joan to other owners who are looking to achieve more in their small business!

Dan WesterveltPresidentA Better Janitorial ServiceMullica Hill NJ