Focus & Accountability Program

Keeping You On Track To Reach Your Lofty Goals

Business Accountability ProgramWith everything on your plate, staying on track can often be a challenge. But an accountability program or partner can help YOU stay focused, prioritize tasks, deal with the overwhelm, make better choices and decisions, act as a sounding board, and give you practical advice when you do hit a roadblock.

Affordable and Convenient

This virtual (phone or video conferencing) coaching program is a convenient and affordable way to work together toward your goals. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs seeking:

Structure. Goals are important but your implementation is the key to results. Therefore, we break things down, prioritize tasks and establish deadlines for completion, so owners get more done and stay on track.

A Different Perspective. By asking better questions and challenging some preconceived notions, an experienced business coach can act as a sounding board to help you uncover opportunities and make better choices or decisions.

Practical Advice. When you hit a roadblock or challenge, practical advice, and common sense ideas are just a phone call away – saving you time and frustration. You can keep moving forward!

Accountability. Someone to encourage you, push you, and congratulate you on a job well done. For most business owners, this is priceless!

“My accountant was happy to see that my revenue was up 20% versus last year!”

Coaching is an investment and you should expect a return.  In business, it comes from improvements in revenue, efficiency, and profit.  It requires that you set goals and take action. My accountability programs keep you on track to get where you want to go.

How My Accountability Coaching Program Works

  • It starts with establishing your goals and the key tasks required to achieve them. If you don’t have written goals, don’t worry. I have the tools to make it easy and effective.
  • Our initial phone session is dedicated to a discussion of your goals and any potential obstacles. We then agree on priorities for the next 30 days. This time frame makes everything more manageable and less stressful for you, the business owner.
  • In subsequent months,  sessions are used to assess current progress, brainstorm ideas, develop next month’s priorities, and work through any issues which may impede progress.

Bonus:   My proprietary systems and templates make implementation easier and more effective. So I gladly share them with my clients.

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