Project Based Consulting Services

Effective, Flexible Coaching and Consulting Services

Project-Based Consulting ServicesSometimes you just need a little assistance, another perspective or practical how-to advice to overcome an obstacle and get back on track.   My project-based consulting services are an effective, flexible option for small business owners who need some guidance and support to move ahead on a project — from hiring a new (or first) employee to identifying ways to grow and market your business.  

It’s an effective, flexible way to work together — saving you time and frustration! 

Common Small Business Consulting Engagements

  • setting goals and developing an action plan
  • identifying the best marketing tools that work well together (integration) for your business
  • packaging and positioning your products or services for sales and profit growth
  • hiring a new (or first) employee so you find the right person for the job
  • building systems and procedures into your business — it really is painless!.
Benefits of Project-Based Consulting Services
  • Our engagement is based on your needs.  Whether you just need quick advice, how-to support or assistance with implementation – you only pay for what you need.
  • There are no long-term commitments. From single to multiple sessions based on your needs and type of project. 
  • You set the pace.  Your needs, goals, deadlines, availability (time) and scope of work play into the pace we work — with appropriate commitment and accountability.
  • Combines coaching and consulting to help you turn ideas into actions that quickly produce results.
  • Services are available on site (if local) or by phone or video conferencing.

Explore the Possibilities with a Complimentary Consultation

Would working together help you bust through barriers and get on track to move your business forward? Then let’s explore the possibilities together with a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

There’s no obligation, only opportunity. So call me today at (856) 533-2344 or click here to book an appointment online.