Envision Gymnastics

A few years ago, I owned a job, not a business. It was simply sucking away my money, personal time, health, and general outlook on life. An MBA did not really prepare me for owning my own business and I was struggling massively. I loved my business and believed in it fully — but operating it was another story!

Joan Nowak helped change that! I have put systems in place to allow my staff to successfully do their jobs even when I’m not there. We improved our marketing and actually spend less but get more. My team is more engaged in the business and more committed to our students, each other and our goals. As a result, my bottom line has improved 98% and I actually work a normal amount of hours!

I would highly recommend Joan to any business owner who wants to find real world solutions to running a successful business!

Terry Veit-HarmeningPresidentEnvision GymnasticsEastampton, NJ