1st Straw Marketing & Promotion

Joan brings a lot of business experience and knowledge to help clients create positive changes in all business areas. With a focus on leveraging marketing, systems, and people, she’s a great resource and partner for business owners who want to improve overall results. Joan’s level of expertise, intellect, skills, and work ethic set her above and beyond other business coaches.


Anointed Advertising

Joan was the perfect coach for me. She was structured and always prompt. I could count on her to keep me accountable for my weekly tasks and to project realistic goals for the future. She was a terrific resource for brainstorming and problem solving. As a business owner, I know her advice was solid and filled with years of experience. I’m so glad we worked together and my business has grown because of it. I still utilize the documents she sent to help me plan things out during the year. I highly recommend her for any company that is looking to improve their efficiency, target their ideal customer or work with a results-driven coach.  [Linked-In]


Central Jersey Volleyball Academy

I’m happy to give Joan Nowak my highest recommendation as a business coach and mentor. Her unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships has transformed my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. Along the way, there have been surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realizations, but her mentoring continues to make me a better person, both as a business owner and in my personal life.

Joan never hesitates to point out areas she sees an opportunity for improvement, and her observations, opinions, and suggestions, have been so valuable. Joan has given me the tools to become a much more efficient business owner, allowing me more time with my family while the business continues to grow.. Thank you, Joan!  [Google Review]


McCabe Electric

I hired Joan because I needed the spark to get me to the next level of my growing business. Getting caught up in the business and growing the business needed a line of separation that was hard for me to let go of. With Joan’s help, I was able to move forward under terms I was comfortable with – with outstanding results. I’m now in a position to oversee and guide the business instead of driving it forward – and my company continues to thrive.

Having Joan to throw out ideas and force me to strive to reach my goals has propelled me to a place where I am happy with “letting go” of the day-to-day operations and being able to concentrate on the final destination. Just so you know, the final destination’s roadways are never straight, but with a plan in hand, you will get there. Not Joan’s quote, but something I have learned, thanks to her.


Patriot Air Heating & Cooling

Technical skills don’t prepare you for the many facets of running a small business. With more than 10 years experience and general success, we still had a few challenges that we struggled to overcome. Joan’s diverse business background was just what we needed.

She broke everything down into manageable bites and put us on a road to even bigger successes. She helped us tackle so many issues at once with ease. We see Joan as the most cost-effective and productive “employee” we did not have to put on the payroll. From marketing to financial decisions to employee relations, she fills many shoes and makes day-to-day operations so much easier. Every established small business could benefit from her years of expertise. She is an incredible asset.


First Impressions Advertising

I have worked with Joan Nowak for about a year and since then I’ve become more diligent in setting and meeting goals, as well as learning new metrics for measuring my business. I also value having a sounding board to share business concerns with.


Consciously Cool Chick LLC

Having learned a few things from my previous business, I didn’t want to go into my new venture, with my eyes closed, learning from mistakes and hoping it would work out. I needed a mentor or business coach.

After doing a lot of research, I contacted Joan Nowak.  We set up a meeting to see if working together was a good fit for both of us.  She spent a lot of time asking questions to learn more about me and my goals. I was impressed.  I hired her to help with my business plan. She did that and more. She helped me with the start-up process. I decided that she was an asset that I just couldn’t let go of so we continued to work together implementing the plan.

Working with Joan Nowak has far exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge is extraordinary. She helps me prioritize, keeps me on track, provides support when needed and encourages me every step of the way. I really love and appreciate our relationship and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help building or improving their business.


Little Silver Pediatrics & Family Medicine

Joan Nowak has been a delight to work with. Her expertise in human resources, process improvement, financial analysis, web outreach, and all other aspects of running today’s small business have been indispensable to us as we have gone about improving patient satisfaction with the healthcare services we provide.  If you are looking for a matter-of-fact and practical guide for improving your business, please call Joan. [Google Review]


Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning

I hired Joan Nowak to help me with my start-up HVAC business. I had 15 years of construction expertise but no experience running a business. Joan and I came up with a plan and she keeps me focused and on-track. She has helped me with goal setting, marketing, and daily operations. Without Joan’s help, I think this whole process could have been very overwhelming. I would definitely recommend Joan to anyone who wants to get started right or take their business to another level.


Your Bookkeeper LLC

I have met a lot of business coaches, but I knew the minute I heard her speak that Joan Nowak had a depth of knowledge that went beyond the usual rhetoric. I hired Joan to help me work through a particular business strategy that I was struggling with. She listened, asked questions and put her finger exactly on the issue that I was not seeing clearly. Then offered some practical suggestions! In a single session, I was able to move in a new and healthier direction. I would highly recommend Joan to any business owner who needs a different perspective or direction – on the big picture or on a particular issue.