Case Study – Gymnastics Facility

Gymnastics Training Case StudyChallenge:

To bring in new students and keep classes full as students move up, this gymnastics facility offers a free trial class for parents considering gymnastics for their children. Conversion rates from free trial to class enrollment were 57% — leaving potential sales and profit on the table.

Our Goal:

To improve sales conversion rates of free trial classes to increase student enrollment and recurring revenue.

Actions Taken:

  • Analyzed sales conversion rates by coach and class to uncover gaps and opportunities.
  • Communicated results and re-trained all coaches on the process for free trial students. Reinforced the importance of free trials to continuously bring in new students and keep classes full.
  • Implemented office follow-up process for those who did not enroll immediately following the trial class.
  • Reviewed results monthly with the entire team.

Our Results

Within 6 months, the sales conversion rate increased from 57% to 69%. The 12% improvement generated an additional 49 new students, representing annual sales of $25,000. The cost to the owner was negligible – it was simply a matter of retraining the team, follow-up by office staff and tracking and reporting results.

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