Are You Leveraging Your Marketing?

How to leverage your marketingIt’s risky to have a business that is too dependent on one customer or key employee. But what about your marketing? Putting all your eggs in one basket here is just as risky. Changes in customer attitudes and behaviors can leave you with an empty pipeline and roller coaster sales. Leveraging your marketing improves results — and can actually save you time and money.

What considerations go into your marketing choices? For some, it’s all about the latest buzz or what’s new. Others look for tactics that are easy or inexpensive. Maybe it’s time to think like your target market. Do they rely on one method to get information? The answer is probably no. Even if you work within a small niche, it is likely that communication preferences still vary within that group. Choice and convenience matter.

How To Reach More Prospects

The best way to reach more new prospects and build relationships with existing customers is to utilize a variety of communication methods. The same message, delivered consistently, through various channels will go a long way toward improving your results.

Marketing tools, when used together, create synergy – so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Years ago, I did a direct mail campaign that achieved a 5% response rate – yes that’s really high! While my agency designed a great piece and we had a compelling offer, it was part of an integrated effort that included radio. And that made a huge difference.

As a small business, you don’t need to rely on broadcast media to create an integrated effort. Print with digital (online) marketing works well. So does print with on-site signage for retail and trade businesses. Digital, print, and phone work well together for many B2B companies.

The key to creating leverage is to plan ahead! Avoid the last-minute, toss-it-out there to see what sticks approach. Complement that direct mail campaign with an email effort and powerful landing page. Pump up your trade show with a follow-up postcard and email campaign. The options are limitless when you …

Think Integration. Think Complementary. Think Consistent.

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