3 Hiring Secrets That Save You Time and Money

Hiring secrets Need to add staff?  While it may be a challenge sometimes, here are a few hiring secrets to make your job easier – and save you money too!

Market for Employees.  If you want to attract quality people to your small business, think like a marketer.  Put the internet to work for you.  There are dozens of job posting boards – some are free and most offer a lot of flexibility so you can get creative.  One of my favorites, Indeed.com, offers both free and sponsored (fee) options plus a convenient way to track candidates from start to finish. In addition, don’t overlook your own website, especially if traffic to your site is consistently high.  Add a career page and make it easy for people find you.

Phone Interviews.  These offer a quick way to weed out unqualified candidates and save you a lot of time. Have specific questions to help identify skills, experience and other key requirements for the position.  Ask the same questions to each candidate.  If you are doing a lot of phone interviews in a short period of time, take good notes and possibly rate each applicant.  It makes choosing the top candidates to move forward a lot easier.

In addition to saving time, phone interviews also allow you to evaluate a candidate’s verbal communication skills. This is a critical competency for many jobs so why wait for the face-to-face interview to determine their skill level.

Online Research.  While you should always check personal and professional references, there’s no need to stop there.  Facebook, Google+ and Linked-In make it easy to learn more about potential employees.  In fact, you may be surprised at just how much you can learn – good and bad.  Take a few minutes to do a little research before you put the offer on the table.

When it comes to building a quality team, nothing beats a good hiring system.  Make sure yours includes some of these elements.  For additional hiring tips and other ideas to grow your small business, check out my article library.  

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