3 Steps To Get More Sales

3 Steps to Get More Sales

While customers must need the products and services you offer, they will buy when they are ready, willing and able. You must meet all three to gain the business and get more sales. Here’s what you need to consider.

Ready is often a timing issue.  Customers may want what you offer, but not now. So how do you speed it up or put yourself in a position to win when they are ready? You have a few options here.  First, look for ways to make it easy for them to decide.  Turn their want or need into a must-have through differentiation and special offers.

Second, understand the timing cycles as it relates to your products or services.  Timing often impacts your ability to get more sales now.  So when do people think about what you offer?  Some are seasonal such as lawn care, tax preparation, and apparel.  Some are linked to events or milestones such as engagements, weddings, holidays, college graduation, the birth of children, new home purchase or death of a spouse. Others are linked to product life cycles and usage. How long does that heater, appliance, car or computer last?  Make sure your marketing efforts are timed properly to take advantage of the opportunities.

Third, have a system to stay connected with the ideal prospects in your sales funnel so you are the first one they think of when they are ready!

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Willing has to do with perceived value and trust.  Do your customers understand what you do and why you are the better choice for them?  Do they perceive value as it relates to your products or services? Do they trust you to deliver what you promise each and every time?

This is where building a relationship with current customers and prospects really comes in.  Use your marketing to engage, educate and build credibility with online reviews, testimonials, and guarantees. This puts you in the consideration pool when they are ready to buy. Without trust, it’s difficult to get more sales.

Able is all about the capacity to pay.  No matter how awesome your products and services, some people simply can’t buy because they lack authority or financial resources.  Does your contact have the authority to make the purchase? Can he/she afford to buy your products or services now or in the future?  If the answer to both is yes, stay connected and continue to build and nurture the relationship.  Time may turn this opportunity into a sale.  If not, let it go and move on.

We all want customers who are instantly ready, willing and able to buy.  But the reality is that many aren’t.  So stay connected by phone, email, mail, in person or through social media. In doing so, you move them closer to the sale.  Take the three steps to create that all-important YES.

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