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How to Build Good Habits and Buy More Time

Need more time?  It’s one the biggest complaints I hear, especially from small business owners.  There are a lot of things you can do to improve personal productivity and get more done. It’s simply a matter of forming some better habits — and its easier than you think.

Habits are nothing more than behaviors that are repeatedly done — so they become almost automatic.  They require discipline and consistency. With increased personal productivity as a goal, lets start with some basics. Things you can do today to make a difference and build on later for continuous improvement.

Best Time Management Tools

To get started, you need the two BEST time (self) management tools:

  • Calendar where you record your business and personal commitments and schedule important tasks.
  • Master To Do List where you capture all the critical tasks or stuff you need to get done so you can schedule the time to work on it.

Whether you use your phone, tablet or print planner, keep them handy and easily accessible.  You won’t use a calendar and to-do list if it’s inconvenient or you need to go find them all the time!

3 Steps to Get More Done

Now that you have the tools, make it a daily habit of doing these three things:

  1. Prioritize tasks on your to-do list.  All tasks are not created equal.  Some are urgent and important, some are important but less critical and others are simply not important or critical – when time allows! Tasks that are not urgent now may become pressing later if left undone – so review and re-prioritize as needed.
  2. Review your calendar for next day commitments.  If you have appointments or meetings, pull together what you need in advance.  It will eliminate stress and makes for more effective meetings.
  3. Schedule the next day ‘to do’ items on your calendar. Getting up with a plan for the day is the key.  For many, it is energizing.  More important it keeps you focused.

At the end of each day, check off the completed tasks, which feels great, then re-prioritize tasks and schedule the next day.  It’s a great habit to form and will certainly help you get more done.

A few additional time-management tips
  • Don’t over-schedule.  Be realistic.  Tasks often take longer than we anticipate so build in a little buffer.
  • Commit to Yourself.  When you schedule time for important tasks, give these ‘self’ commitments the priority you would give to meetings or commitments to others.
  • Match energy level.   Take advantage of high energy times to focus on important tasks.
  • Minimize distractions.  Unless YOU set the expectation, your customers, suppliers, and staff won’t expect 24/7 accessibility.  A timely response works fine.  Check email and phone messages three times per day — morning, lunch and about an hour before you head home. Don’t let the phone, text, and email rob you of precious time each and every day.
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