How Wacky Holidays Can Inspire Your Marketing

wacky holidays inspire marketing

Do you use monthly promotions to stay connected with current customers or reach new ones? Do you struggle coming up with ideas each and every month? If you hit a roadblock, let the hundreds of unique or wacky holidays inspire your marketing efforts.

If you investigate, you’ll find there are holidays that celebrate life events, better living, success and people of all ages and professions. You name it, there is likely a holiday out there!

Here’s a few examples. March is National Nutrition Month – so trainers, nutritionists, gym owners, and other businesses who promote nutrition or lifestyle changes have a great reason to connect with customers and even link some offers to celebrate.

Want to market to doctors, dentists or vets? There’s a holiday for them. How about technology companies?  World Backup Day may just work. Are families or senior citizens your ideal customers?  There’s a day for them as well.

Using holidays and events effectively in your marketing requires planning. There are two ways you can approach this.

First, go to Holiday Insights or Days of the Year to check out the many holidays each month. When you find something interesting that links to your industry, target customers or benefits you deliver, write them down with the month and date. While you may not find something inspiring every month, you should find at least three or four that you can use throughout the year. Now put them into your marketing plan or calendar – and get creative.

Another option is to make a list of your key targets, industries and emotional benefits. Using your list, do a Google search to identify any appreciation days or month-long celebrations. Days of the Year, noted above, also allows for searching.  Using the above example, if you search on dentist appreciation day you will find sites that show you that it occurs in March. If you are looking for something specific, this approach may be easier.

With a little creativity, you have what you need to connect with others in a fun, effective way.  Give it a try.