How Curiosity Can Revitalize Your Business

How Curiosity Can Revitalize Your Business

According to Walt Disney, curiosity leads us down new paths. It can also help revitalize your business. So how curious are you?

Did you ever notice how curious young children are? For them, the world is full of new things to explore and pursue. And to the frustration of many parents, “why” is their favorite question. But from a child’s curiosity comes discovery and knowledge.

So how would an eager desire to learn help you and your business achieve more? When you consider that curiosity compels us to ask more or better questions, dig deeper, seek understanding, and explore better ways – it provides benefits in all areas.

In sales, curiosity helps us build rapport with prospects. It drives us to ask questions to understand the person and what motivates them, what they need and why it’s important. When sincere, our inquiries demonstrate interest and help us find common ground, a basis for starting a relationship. Isn’t that what you want?

In operations, curiosity propels us to find new and better ways to serve our customers and streamline our procedures. We seek feedback from customers to understand what we do well and how we can improve. We ask for input from our employees to increase efficiency so we can do more with less effort. Our curiosity leads to knowledge – something we can build on.

On a personal level, our curiosity inspires us to act on a variety of topics — from new skills to hobbies. Think about the last time something piqued your curiosity. What did you do? Search the web or invest in a book to learn more? Talk to friends or colleagues? Take a class or join a group?

The curiosity we had as a child helped us discover and learn. It did lead us down new paths. It still can. So tap into your curiosity to help revitalize your business.

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