How To Profit From Others Ideas

Profit From Other Peoples Ideas

When someone offers you a new idea for improving your business (or your life), how do you react? Do you look for the flaws and try to justify why it’s a bad idea? Do you dismiss it as something you can’t do because it may require too much work, time or money? Or do you find ways to apply it – in full or in part?

Today more than ever, building sales and profit in business requires more creativity – the customers won’t simply show up on your doorstep or visit your website. The good news is you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Instead, pay attention to what others are doing — with a different attitude. Instead of dismissing their ideas or tactics, look for the strengths and potential. How can you apply it in your business or life? What changes can you make to improve it?

Why Do People Dismiss Ideas That Might Benefit Them?

Sometimes, it’s because we’re overwhelmed with work and don’t want to contemplate taking on something new. But with an open mind, you may just uncover something that is far better than what you are currently working on. Replace the new idea with one that isn’t working, but taking up your time and money.

Sometimes, we dismiss ideas because we don’t trust or like the source. Recognize that ideas can come from good or bad people. Even questionable business practices often have, at their center, a perfectly good marketing or customer insight. Break it down and reinvent some of the elements to fit your ‘better’ business practices.

Sometimes, we dismiss ideas simply because we don’t understand them. If the results seem too good to be true, don’t simply dismiss it out of hand. Take the time to ask more questions and truly understand. Your decision to act or dismiss is now based on some level of understanding.

Life is full of opportunities to be happier and more successful. Sometimes these opportunities smack us in the face, they are obvious. But often, they arrive in puffs – fleeting remarks or suggestions by friends or colleagues or chance encounters with strangers.

If you open your mind and eliminate the tendency to rationalize why ideas won’t work – you may just uncover a world of untapped potential. Listen to your team, your customers, and your “little voice,” – and seize the day. Then you and the business can, and will, become so much more!

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