Are You Setting The Right Example For Your Team?

Lead By Example

If you want your business to be flexible enough to change and grow in any economic climate, you need to create a work environment where learning is appreciated and encouraged.  The best way to do this is to lead by example.

Good leaders are teachers and learners! So create a learning environment for your team to thrive. Here are three ways to help you be the leader and learner your team needs.

3 Secrets To Being a Good Learner 
  • Be excited, not threatened, by new ideas.  People who see innovation as a threat that will diminish their power are making a big mistake. If you’re truly dedicated to your company’s growth and willing to work hard to achieve it, any change that creates improvement will simply make your position stronger.
  • Recognize your personal biases and admit them to others.  Sacred cows and biases in business can stifle innovation.  They can make you blind to good ideas and cause you to spend resources on potentially risky concepts.
  • Remain humble.  Even the most important business knowledge is, at best, temporary.  Today’s ideas may not be effective tomorrow.  By remaining modest about your accomplishments, you’ll build a foundation of support in your organization that’ll help you later.

When you learn and grow, so will your business.  The same is true for your team.  Encourage learning and lead by example. Because the best investment any of us can make is an investment in ourselves.

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