3 Steps to Kill the Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Success

What barriers hold you back

What beliefs do you hold to be ‘true’ that really aren’t? We all have some – those little self-sabotaging thoughts that act as constraints in our business.

Here’s a few common ones: It’s impossible to earn a profit in this economy, I can’t get good help, customers are never satisfied, customers only care about price, marketing doesn’t work, I can’t get my people to do anything unless I’m there watching over them or I can’t make more money unless I work more hours.

Any sound familiar? The problem with paradigms like these – they give you an excuse to settle for less, accept mediocrity or give up completely. After all, how committed will you be to ACT if you believe your actions won’t matter.

Create Positive Thoughts

So how do you make them go away and get on the path to success? Here’s a simple way to turn negative beliefs into positive thoughts.

First, write down all the negative beliefs that you hold to be true. Big or small, write them down.

Next, turn each negative belief around – and create a powerful statement of what the ideal would be. For example, replace ‘It’s impossible to earn a profit in this economy’ with ‘I’m so grateful my profit has tripled in this economy’.

Finally, write all your ‘new’ positive statements on an index card. Each morning and evening, read them out loud, with passion, like they are already true. Add a little visualization – envision how you feel with your new ideal belief — and you are on your way.

It may sound crazy, but it works because the brain believes whatever you tell it. It doesn’t judge! You can change a negative belief, attitude or behavior into a positive one within 30 days. Once you kill the paradigms, you have the foundation for taking action.

Don’t let attitudes held by others, but not supported with fact, hold you back. Kill the paradigms and start taking action to go from where you are to where you want to be.

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