Are You a Serving or Self-Serving Leader?

serving leaderWhat makes for a good leader?  As a business owner, we wear a lot of hats.  But your role as leader is probably the most important one for your company.  After all, a team that works together will always accomplish more than a group of individuals working alone.  And YOU hold the key for creating that team.

There are thousands of books on leadership, but one of my favorites is ‘The Secret:  What Great Leaders Know and Do’, by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller.  It reinforces one simple reality — great leaders consistently look for ways to SERVE their teams and organizations.  In other words, great leaders are serving, not self-serving.

According to Blanchard and Miller, here are the 5 fundamental ways that leaders SERVE?

S = See the Future

A compelling vision tells everyone who you are, where you are going and what values drive your behavior.

E = Engage and Develop Others

While it starts with choosing the right people, you can accomplish great things when you allow them to fully participate.  Developing others involves creating an expectation for learning and personal growth, providing development opportunities and mentoring your team.

R = Reinvent Continuously

How can we do things better, with fewer errors, faster or for less?  Instill the desire for improvement into the people doing the day-to-day work.

V = Value Results and Relationships

This is not an either or option.  Profit and financial strength is the reward for excellence in entrepreneurship.   How much emphasis do you place on getting results?  How much time do you invest with your team to make a difference in their lives?  What do you do, on a consistent basis, to express appreciation for a job well done?   Great leaders value both – and you should too.

E = Embody the Values

What core values are important to you and your company?  As the leader, you must establish, articulate and enforce them.   Embody the values in what you do – and integrate them into what your team does.

So what are some of the ways you can integrate the SERVE method into your small business – and be the leader you were meant to be?

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