A Lesson For Winning In Sports and Business

Lessons for Winning in Sports and BusinessSports have a way of teaching us valuable life lessons. Growing up it taught me to work as part of a team, win or lose with dignity and never give up or stop trying.  While my playing days are behind me, I am still a big sports fan — and yes, I do prefer the teams in Philly!

So when the Philadelphia 76ers opened their season with a win over the world champion Miami Heat another lesson emerged.  No, they are not the next world champions. The media had reasons to explain the Miami loss – back-to-back games, missing key player, etc.

But one broadcaster put it best when he said “Youth has no boundaries.” Despite being a 12 point underdog, someone forgot to tell the young players on the 76ers that they were going to lose.  They executed, avoided a lot of mistakes and did not quit when they got behind.  They didn’t let others expectations hold them back.

Winning in business is no different.  You need to execute your game plan, avoid killer mistakes, and keep trying – even when faced with obstacles.  Most of all, you need to believe you can!  To believe in yourself and the team that surrounds you.

Don’t let years of experience or maybe mediocre results hold you back.  Tomorrow is a new day.

5 Reminders to Avoid Self-Sabotage
  • Fail Forward.  Mistakes happen.  Learn from them and move on. Nothing positive comes from dwelling on it.
  • Dream Big.  If you fall a little short, you are still far better off than most people who think small.
  • Avoid Pessimistic People.  Nothing zaps a positive attitude more than people who complain, whine or only see the negative in every situation.
  • Be Grateful.  Appreciate the small successes and bigger ones will follow.
  • Use Positive Self-Talk.  Sounds corny, but what we tell ourselves about ourselves is often more powerful than what others say about us.

More Ideas to Grow Your Business

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