7 Time Wasters to Avoid

7 Time Wasters to Avoid

Back to school means back to work. With the lazy days of summer drawing to an end, it’s time to refocus and get back to business. So it’s also a good time to reinforce a few things to boost your personal productivity.

7 Productivity Killers

You have unclear goals and priorities. This is one of the biggest time killers for small business owners. Without clear goals, you have no basis for making decisions on where to spend your time or how to prioritize the many choices you face on a daily basis.

Only four months left. So get clear on what you want to accomplish (goals) and set priorities so you actually do them. It’s one of the best things you can do to improve your own personal productivity.

Tasks have no home. To-do lists provide a reminder of what you need to do, but they won’t get done unless you set time aside to work on them. Tasks that have no home on your calendar will remain forever on your to-do list. Review your list weekly and block off time throughout the week to work on what’s important. You’ll get more done and likely work on the right stuff!

You can’t remember what you have to do. If you don’t have a method to capture ‘to do’ items in one place — easily and effectively — chances are you will miss important tasks because you simply won’t remember. Kill the post-it notes that get lost or forgotten and use a planner or smartphone instead.

The tasks that are important are overly complex. It’s human nature to avoid tasks that are too complex or cumbersome. You need to simplify them. Break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Then attack them one task at a time. 

Your space is unorganized. A cluttered desk creates a cluttered mind. If the physical space in which you work is disorganized, it will steal a huge amount of time and energy from your day. 

If your workplace is a mess, try to dedicate 15 minutes a day to organizing. File away what you need to keep and throw out what you don’t. Take advantage of technology. Try scanning important documents to save time and space. Finding documents in your computer is always easier than searching through stacks of paper. 

You have a need for perfection. Not all tasks are created equal. If you set the same high standards for every task, you will get less done. Adjust your standards based on the specific tasks. Some are worth your extra effort, some are not. Remember, sometimes good is good enough!

Your work environment is full of interruptions. Being easily accessible or readily available has its drawbacks. Recognize this and plan for it. Create time each day that is interruption free – even if you must shut off the phone or leave your office to get it. While interruptions may not seem like a big deal, they add up and rob you of precious time each day.

Start Improving Productivity

The first step to improving personal productivity comes from recognizing the barriers that hold you back. The next step is to fix them. Take it one step at a time, but start applying these ideas and you too will get more done in less time!

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