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How To Package Services To Grow Sales

Is sales growth one of your key goals? When planning, many service companies look at expanding services to get there. It’s certainly one option. But why start from scratch or reinvent the wheel? Simply package or repackage current products and services to provide more options for your customers. After all, customers love and want options – and packaging provides convenience, savings, simplicity and often better results.

7 Questions To Ask Before You Package Services

Who is the package being created for? Be specific. If you want your package to sell, it must meet the needs of the target. It is much easier to add the relevant features when you have a specific customer or niche group in mind. You’ll achieve greater success if you avoid the one-size fits all solution.

What results can your customer expect to receive? If they purchase the ‘package’ what will they get – more time, savings, increased growth, convenience, etc. Try to be as specific as you can.

What makes it different from other products or services? This is an important question so don’t overlook it. Think about the system or process you use to use to deliver it? What makes it easier or convenient? How does it work better? What additional value do they get? Are the expected results tangible or measurable? Can you guarantee the benefit you expect to deliver? Often going through this process triggers ideas and helps you build the features for the package.

What features are included in the package? Remember to link these back to the benefits or results you will deliver and only include features that are important to YOUR specific target.

What will you charge? Before you just throw in a number, consider the target, the benefits or results they can expect and the difference from other products or services. If your new package is positioned around convenience or better results, your target may not expect savings or a lower price. But if it’s built around savings, then your price should reflect this. What would your target be willing to pay? Do you wish to establish a price but offer a special introductory offer to current customers? How will they pay – at time of service, payment plans, multi payments, monthly invoicing, etc?

What will you name it? While not applicable to every package, an easy to understand or cool name can help with marketing your new package.

How will you communicate it to reach customers? Do you simply wish to rely on up-selling or cross-selling existing customers or prospects? Do you wish to reach others with this package and need additional tactics to do it? The key here is to have a plan. Don’t create the package and hope for the best.

So get the juices flowing and look for ways to provide additional options that your customers want.  It really is a great way to generate additional revenue for your business.

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