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5 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

In my earlier post, 4 Steps to Create Ads That Sell, we discussed how the AIDA system can help you create better advertising campaigns – the kind that get attention, build interest and encourage action. While compelling messages are important, they work best if you avoid some of these common marketing mistakes.

Lack of Consistency. If your marketing efforts look more like a roller coaster, with lots of peaks and valleys, so will your results. Having a lot of strategies that you implement periodically (or when sales drop) is a waste of time and money.  Choose fewer strategies, make them efficient and do them consistently.  Over the long-run, they will pay bigger dividends.

No Synergy. Getting your message out there and making it stick often requires multiple touches or contacts. The same message, communicated effectively through a variety of ways creates synergy and often produces better results.  If you depend on digital marketing, like email and social media, complement it with offline strategies such as direct mail, print, networking, press releases, etc.

Here’s a bonus. You can actually save time and money using this approach.  With a little tweaking or re-purposing, your email campaign can easily be turned into a direct mail piece or press release.  Don’t depend on one method; build synergy in your campaigns.

Guess What Works. Why spend money on advertising that doesn’t generate sales or revenue. Advertising is an investment and should produce a positive return. If you track where leads (and sales) come from and know your cost, you can easily determine what’s working and what’s not. Do more of what works and eliminate the ones that rob your time and money. Learn to test and measure – because what you measure, you can improve.

Try to Serve Everyone. Recognize what you do well – and go after prospects who want and need what you offer.  Sounds simple, but if your advertising is not targeted it is likely not very effective.  Why?  Because it’s difficult to create a compelling message for the ‘universe’.  The requirements of a small business are very different from a large one.  The needs of parents with young children are unlike parents in empty-nest households.  Some of your customers want convenience, others prefer quality or savings.   If you want to get more from your advertising, target smaller groups or niches – and focus on what solutions you can bring to them.

Free is Not Free.  Your time has a cost that you must recognize when you consider marketing. Some strategies like networking and social media, have a minimal money outlay but require time.  Others like direct mail and print have higher dollar outlays but little of your time.    New businesses often have more time than money, so low-cost methods are attractive.  Find a balance as you grow – time is money so use it wisely.

Marketing is an investment in your business.  Make yours payoff by avoiding these common mistakes.

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