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5 Signs You Need Accountability

The buck stops here!  As an entrepreneur, you likely relish this concept.  You gladly take ownership for the decisions, actions, and results in your business and in life.  No victim mentality is going to hold you back!

While controlling your destiny is great, many business owners recognize one simple truth.  It can be lonely at the top.  When was the last time someone congratulated you on a job well done?  Or called to check on your progress toward your goals?  Or challenged you to think bigger and try new things?

Accountability has a big impact on business success. So who is holding you accountable?

5 Signs You Need Greater Accountability
  • I know what I need to do, but I’m not sure how, so I procrastinate.
  • I have a lot of ideas but get stuck in the weeds so I miss out on opportunities.
  • I have goals and a plan, but find I go off in other directions a lot.
  • We’re doing well, but have so much more potential – what am I missing?
  • I love being my own boss, but not reporting to anyone makes it easy to put things off!
Bridging the Gap: Knowing What To Do vs. Actually Doing It!

When you share your goals with someone who has a stake in your success and can help keep you on track – something magical happens.  It brings a higher level of motivation and more structure that translates into results!

How to Build Accountability

Whether it be a spouse, another business owner or a business coach, an accountability partner can help you get focused, stay on track, prioritize tasks, deal with overwhelm, make better choices — and provide a fresh perspective to challenges or roadblocks.

When choosing an accountability partner, be sure you ask someone who is up to the challenge.  They should be willing to ask hard questions and remind you of your goals – even if you don’t want to hear it!

Set aside time to discuss your goals and progress. Make sure they are clearly defined so that your accountability partner understands what you’re trying to accomplish as well as you do.

Finally, schedule regular appointments to check in, whether it’s via email, phone or in person. Schedule the appointments in advance so they are not forgotten.  This also gives you self-imposed deadlines to work toward – something my clients find helpful.

Get Started. Stay On Track

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