Systems: Sometimes the Benefits Are Obvious

Systems, People, Profit

As many of you probably know, I am a big advocate of building business systems and procedures to support your business. They are time-savers, quality drivers and, of course, profit builders.

Yet documenting systems is never on my clients’ lists of things they can’t wait to do. They do them because they understand the value. But trust me, getting them motivated to get started is always a challenge.

Business Systems: Save Time & Money

Of course, as they start developing and implementing them, the benefits become really obvious. They save time, things get done the right way, people are more efficient, customers get better service and profit margins improve! Needless to say, it propels them to continue.

But sometimes the long-term benefits are not so obvious early. It takes an event …

This week, I received a quick email from a client, an attorney who owns a boutique law practice. Her administrative assistant, who she really depends on, is leaving and gave her notice. Bet a lot of you can relate to that!

What was interesting was what followed. “I am so thankful I focused on an operations manual this year. I have seen how helpful it is so I am not as nervous about her leaving.”

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