How Clear Are Your Goals?

Clear Goals & Consistent ActionAccording to the author, Brian Tracy, success is 10% competence, 10% confidence, and 80% clarity.   Lack of clarity is more responsible for underachievement and frustration than any other factor.

I see this a lot when working with small business owners.  Most of them have goals, but they tend to be vague.  And vague goals create vague results.  People with clear goals, in business and in life, accomplish far more than those without them.  With clarity comes a sense of purpose that ultimately forces us into action.

Clear Goals & Consistent Action Equals Success

So how clear are you on what you want?  And what actions are you taking to make those goals a reality? Here is the 7-step process from Brian Tracy to help you get more from your business and life.

  • First, decide exactly what you want in all areas of your life – financial (income, money), relationships (family, friends, community), personal (spiritual, hobbies, health and fitness), personal development (learning, new skills), business or career … to support your financial and lifestyle goals. BE SPECIFIC.
  • Second, write them down in detail.
  • Third, set a specific deadline.  Break down big goals into a series of smaller ones with deadlines.
  • Fourth, write down a list of what you need to DO to achieve each goal.
  • Fifth, prioritize and organize the items into a plan.  You can’t do everything all at once.  What is most important?  Then what, then what?
  • Sixth, take action!  Work on the most important thing first.
  • Seventh, do something every day that moves you toward one or more of your important goals.  Block time off to do it if necessary – but do what you commit to doing.

With clarity and consistent action, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. As my parents were fond of saying when I was a little girl, “Anything worth having is worth working for.”  And yes, achieving the goals you set will require some work on your part – even if it’s only 30 minutes a day. But remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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