Are Your Customers Ready, Willing and Able to Buy?

Are customers ready, willing and able to buyThere’s an old saying, customers buy when they are ready, willing and able.  Sounds simple but it’s important to recognize this — so you can take the right actions to convert more prospects into paying customers.

Ready is a timing issue.  Consider a lawn care company that provides services from May to September.  Doing a campaign in October is too early (for next year) and doing one in June may be too late.  Know the timing cycles for buying decisions as it relates to your products or services.  Then have a way to stay connected until the timing is right and the prospect is ready.

Willing has to do a lot with perceived value.  Do your customers understand what you do and why you are the better choice for them?  Do they perceive value as it relates to your products or services? Take the time to educate customers on benefits and value.  People won’t buy without it.

Able is all about the capacity to pay.  Can they afford to buy your products or services now or in the future? If they can, stay connected as time may turn this opportunity into a sale.  If not, let it go and move on.

We all want customers who are instantly ready, willing and able to buy.  But the reality is that many aren’t.  So stay connected – by phone, by email, by mail, in person or even through social media – and move them closer to the sale.

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