How to Build Loyalty, Repeat Business & Referrals

customer service

Creating raving fans for your small business is one of the best ways to build sustainable profit. These customers buy again and again and tell others about you. So if you want to build loyalty, repeat business and word of mouth referrals, DO what you promise, each and every time. It’s that simple.

It starts with follow up and follow through! Your actions and communication before, during and after the sale go a long way toward building customer relationships. The kind that gets people talking and coming back.

4 Ways to Set Yourself Apart 

If you promise to get back to a prospect or follow up on a decision, do it. It sets the expectation for your relationship when they buy. If you don’t follow through on commitments before the sale, why would a customer expect more after the sale is finalized?

Make sure deliverables are on-time. Whether you sell products or deliver services, customers should be able to count on you to deliver WHEN you promise. If an unexpected problem occurs, inform the customer immediately regarding delays and rescheduling. Nobody likes to deliver bad news, but most customers appreciate the honesty and will work with you.

Make sure the quality of your products or services is consistent. Customers expect this, so don’t disappoint them. If something isn’t to your standards, fix it or get another one. Communicate any issues or potential delays. Don’t cross your fingers and hope customers won’t notice. They typically do.

After the job is done or the product shipped and arrived, follow up! Are they happy with the product or work? What could you do better? This is a great way to differentiate yourself, show customers you care and build raving fans. It’s also a great time to encourage or ask for referrals.

Make follow-up and follow-through a priority and do it consistently. Build it into your systems and procedures. Your customers will notice and reward you with repeat business and referrals.

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