Are You Missing Out on Sales Opportunities

Are you missing sales opportunitiesIf you could generate 20% more revenue without acquiring new customers, would you do it?  Of course, you would.  Yet many small businesses miss out on these sales opportunities because they fail to stay connected with current customers.

Studies have shown that about 25% of your customers will purchase from you again IF their first experience was good and you stay in touch.  So make sure you communicate with customers on a regular basis, ask for their valuable feedback and provide them with long-term value.

Whether you do it by phone, mail, email, or socially, make sure your customers know you are thinking of them.  The frequency may vary based on your business or industry, but quarterly contacts should be a minimum goal.

Simple, Easy Ways To Stay In Touch
  • Thank you and holiday cards are always a nice touch – especially when mailed!.  Want to stand out?  Replace your typical Christmas or Hanukkah card with a New Year card!
  • Call them for feedback about your business.  Prepare 2-3 questions and pick up the phone!
  • Drop in and say ‘hello’ when you are in the neighborhood. Leave your sales stuff in the car!  Or better yet, drop off some donuts or soft pretzels to the staff. They will remember you!
  • Do a customer satisfaction survey (online or onsite).  Then share findings and ideas you are implementing with your customers.  It’s a great ‘excuse’ to mail or email them!
  • Develop special VIP offers just for them. Exclusivity is a great way to make customers feel special.
  • Start up a blog or newsletter with helpful information and tips that your customers would like to receive.
  • IF your ideal customers are big social media fans, add some fun and interactive applications to your social media site and/or periodically build contests into your updates or posts.

Remember, staying connected only works if that initial ‘buying experience’ is positive.  Make sure it is.  Then stay in touch and enjoy the extra revenue!

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