7 Ways to Make Your Blog Pay Off

7 Ways to Make Your Blog Pay OffWhether you want your blog to create web traffic, grow your online community, build relationships with customers, position yourself or company as an expert or soft-sell your services, a blog offers a lot of possibilities. It’s a great marketing tool!

So how do you make your blog pay dividends? According to Lori Shapiro, owner of By All Writes, think quality and consistency.

How To Get Your Blog Noticed & Shared

  • Make Content Worth Sharing.  Quality content is key. Do a little research. What are people talking about in the news or socially? Can you put a different perspective on it? Can you blend some facts, relevant quotes, emotion or humor, where appropriate, for emphasis?
  • Create Compelling Headlines.  A creative, snappy headline compels your reader to keep going or read more. An intriguing question, challenge or controversy can work well. Brainstorm and experiment.
  • Use Keywords Effectively.  Keywords and tags are important. They help you get found by search engines. Lori’s advice, don’t compromise good writing by adding keywords arbitrarily (keyword stuffing) within your post. Develop and use relevant tags instead.
  • Know Your Audience.  Always stay true to your target. Make your blogs relevant to them. When you do, they will follow (or subscribe) and share your posts with others.
  • Call-to-Action.  If you want your readers to do something, let them know. From simple to sophisticated, a call to action can include answering a question, subscribe to a blog, check out a special offer (landing page) or get more information. Related posts are a good way to keep them engaged. Share buttons make it easy for readers to share with their networks. Most platforms have these capabilities.
  • Be Consistent.  When it comes to frequency, there are no steadfast rules. How often you blog will depend on your type of business, target, purpose, desired length (words) and quality level. Longer, researched posts will take more time. Whatever frequency you determine is best for your business, do it consistently and reap the rewards.
  • Toot Your Own Horn.  Share your blog posts on social platforms that are relevant to your business – and encourage your social network to share it also! Don’t be afraid to ask for help to spread the word!
Blogs: More Than Education

While blogs are often used to share tips and suggestions, you are not limited to educational content.  Why not use some of your posts to share news about your company or employees?  Or maybe some local community buzz that might interest your followers?

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