7 Questions to Make a Marketing Campaign Pay Off

7 Questions to Build a Marketing Campaign

Whether you use direct mail, print ads, email or social media, marketing that looks professional goes a long way.  While design and style matter, it won’t mean a thing if there is no substance to your message. So as you prepare to launch a new marketing campaign, give some thought to your copy.  Here are seven questions to ask to make your next campaign more compelling and effective.

# 1 – What is the Purpose of the Campaign?

While the obvious answer is more sales, you can get there in a lot of different ways. Do you want to generate new business for existing products, get current customers to buy more (or again) or maybe create buzz and sales for a new product? Never create a campaign without a clear purpose and goal.

#2 – WHO Do We Want to Reach?

The best marketing starts with a clear ‘audience’ in mind!  The more specific, the better.  In most cases, it’s not your entire target market – but a sub-set or niche. Depending on your purpose, it may be your ideal, class A customers, lost customers you want back, prospects in a new market, etc.  Be clear on who you want to reach.

#3 – What Would They Buy NOW?

As a small business, your marketing needs to sell, not just get your name out there.  Timing has a lot to do with it – along with which product or service you choose to promote.  Most businesses offer more than one product or service, so pick one based on the timing and audience – and make it the focus of your campaign.

#4 – What Offer Would Compel Them to Act?

Offers are a must for small businesses to get people to take action:  call, visit your website, come into location, sign up for an event, etc.  So based on ‘what’ they would buy, come up with an offer to create a sense of urgency. While many go with a special price, it doesn’t need to be price based.  Offers like buy 1 get one free or packaging the service with something else can also work.  Don’t be afraid to be outlandish! Remember, it’s not a one-time sale you are seeking – but a lifetime customer!

#5 – Why Would They Buy?

What’s the pain or gain for the customer – it’s the emotional reason they say yes.  How would this purchase solve a problem, fill a need, make life easier, etc.?

#6 – Why Should They Buy From Us/You? 

If customers have a need, they still have a lot of choices.  Give them a reason to choose you. An outlandish offer may do the trick – but you aren’t limited to that.  You don’t need a lot, just one solid reason that makes you the better choice.  If you don’t give them a reason, customers naturally default to price.

#7 – What Results Can We Expect?

When it comes to results, you need to consider two elements:  what will it cost and how much revenue will it produce?  A successful campaign should, at a minimum, pay for itself.  So it’s a good practice to calculate the break-even — how many sales do you need to generate to pay for the cost of this campaign?

Whether you create your marketing campaigns in-house or outsource the work, take the time to answer the questions.  A little clarity and forethought can really help improve the results you get.

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