4 Elements of a Strong Marketing Foundation

4 Elements of Marketing

A building needs a strong base to support it or it will crumble and fall. The same is true when it comes to your marketing. Your foundation is the building blocks for all your marketing activities – it makes it easier and is a key to getting results.

Foundation for Strong Marketing

So before you jump into the strategies and tactics you will use to reach people, be clear on these four elements that are the foundation for strong marketing:

Target Market. Who are your trying to sell to – the ideal customers for YOUR products or services? Your target group ultimately dictates everything in your plan from your goals and objectives to the tactics you use to reach them.

Prospects Problems. What issues or concerns frustrate your customers? What do they want or need today to make tomorrow better? If you want potential customers to stand up and take notice, you must clearly identify the problems they face and demonstrate that you do understand. If they don’t think you get it, they won’t look to you for solutions.

Benefits and Solutions. How can you solve their problem or improve their situation? What benefits will the customer get from working with you or buying your products? Think of solutions as what you actually sell. And benefits are what your customer gets in return – it’s the emotional or financial payoff.

Remember, it’s all about them. Your features, solutions, and benefits are only relevant if they solve their problems or improve their situation. Link them and you’ll hit a home run with your marketing.

Marketing Message.
This is nothing more than what you say to get people interested. It must grab their attention, show them how you can solve their problem and articulate why they should choose to do business with you. It must resonate with YOUR target market and get a reaction like ‘wow, that’s me’. The right message will compel them to take the next step – visit your website, call you, come to your location or simply ask others about you. Get it right and use it consistently in ALL your marketing from social media and online to direct mail and selling!

A strong marketing foundation will certainly help you get better results – more leads and sales. But here is an added bonus – it makes doing a marketing plan a lot quicker and easier!

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