Baker Dermatology

Thanks to Joan Nowak, I enjoy going to work again! Prior to working with Joan, my profits were declining, staff issues consumed too much of my time and I had no clear, viable plan for achieving my long-term goals. Working with Joan has really made a difference.

I now have a great team of people who are committed to our patients, the business and each other. We have and continue to develop systems so I delegate more effectively and the team is more productive and contributes to our success. As a result, I am able to see more patients without sacrificing the quality of care I provide, which has led to increased profits. I would highly recommend Joan’s services to others.


Abrakadoodle South Jersey | Philadelphia

I heard Joan speak at a number of events and it was obvious that she had a wealth of business experience and understood the challenges facing small business owners.  I have been working with Joan for a few months now and have been so pleased with the results.

Together, we set short and long-term goals, improved our accounting practices, systematized our hiring and added some new tools to consistently hire the best of the best. We developed and are working our plan to grow the business significantly by partnering with new customers and providing new services.

Joan has encouraged us to keep our sights set on success while still feeling more in control, balanced and better able to enjoy real downtime with friends and family.


Gaw Technology Inc

When I look back just a short time ago and compare it to where we are now, I can’t help but say WOW! I am an owner of a reseller / distributor company. When I decided to develop a private line of products for my company, I had no experience in manufacturing and was overwhelmed with all I needed to do and how to get it all done.

My CPA referred me to Joan Nowak, a business coach he knew and recommended. With Joan’s help and expertise, we grew revenue 300%, hired and developed a winning team and improved on-time delivery and quality levels through systems and processes.

Joan, you have made such a difference in my company and in me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and holding me accountable. I can truly say, I don’t know where this company would be without you and I would recommend you to others looking to achieve their true potential.


Envision Gymnastics

A few years ago, I owned a job, not a business. It was simply sucking away my money, personal time, health, and general outlook on life. An MBA did not really prepare me for owning my own business and I was struggling massively. I loved my business and believed in it fully — but operating it was another story!

Joan Nowak helped change that! I have put systems in place to allow my staff to successfully do their jobs even when I’m not there. We improved our marketing and actually spend less but get more. My team is more engaged in the business and more committed to our students, each other and our goals. As a result, my bottom line has improved 98% and I actually work a normal amount of hours!

I would highly recommend Joan to any business owner who wants to find real world solutions to running a successful business!


A Better Janitorial Service

Thanks for helping me get back on track! Before I met Joan, declining profits, customer turnover and service issues were consuming my time. My business was too dependent on me. With Joan’s help and knowledge, I hired an assistant to help with sales and administration. We  modified our marketing, implemented sales and delivery systems,defined staff roles and responsibilities and shared goals with our team.

Within 5 months, we increased sales by 15%, increased average customer retention from 3.9 to 5.2 months and improved net profit 56%. Our team now understands and is committed to our customer and business goals.

Investing in a business coach was a great way to get my business back on track and increase profitability. Joan helped me make my business fun, simple and profitable again! I recommend Joan to other owners who are looking to achieve more in their small business!


Tech Commandos

Joan Nowak brings a solid foundation of business experience and knowledge to make positive changes in your business.  She will work with you directly while holding you completely accountable for your commitment to change.  As a business owner, it is hard to find a solid partner and coach — and she brings it to the table every time.


Rhino Global Solutions

Joan Rocks!  I was referred to Joan Nowak by my bookkeeper. I couldn’t be more pleased with her experience and practical ideas. She has been a tremendous asset to my company. I particularly appreciate her practicality. Many of her suggestions have not cost me anything more than labor getting them implemented.