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Your customers are exposed to over 5,000 messages every day. So how do you get through the clutter and make your business stand out – without doubling your marketing budget? The key is a strong USP or unique selling proposition. When you nail it, marketing is a lot more effective so you can spend less and get more.

The latest, innovative product or service – something that nobody else offers – is one way to create uniqueness. But it’s not the only way.  Service delivery, processes, people, technology, performance and other factors can help your small business stand out in the crowd. If you do it consistently well and tell people over and over again.

Determine What Makes you Unique

The best way to discover your uniqueness is to look at your business from the outside. When working through this with my clients, we start by answering the following questions.

What do you actually sell?  Think benefits, not features.

What are your core products or services? Think beyond highest sales volumes or those that are common for your type of business. Your products or services can differentiate you, so look at them closely.

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Who are your key competitors?  Based on the benefits you deliver, consider actual competitors who do the same thing AND those who potentially deliver the same benefits with different products or services.  Since you compete for a share of the budget, this can be helpful.  

What are the perceived standards in your industry and other industries? Consider customer service, technology, product quality, sales and marketing. Your customers’ expectations are built from experiences with a lot of industries – not just yours.

What are some ‘claims’ about your products, services or business that you take for granted – and assume customers know about? Coors built their USP around their cold brewing process. While not unique in the industry, Coors was the first to actually tell people about it. And they still benefit from that message today.

Narrow Your Options

As you go through the process of brainstorming and answering these questions, ideas will pop into your head.  Write them down, no matter how silly they may appear at first glance. Use all the information to come up with a few options to consider.

Next do a little research with your customers. Bounce some options off them. Did they know this about you or your business?  Do they care?  Why or why not?  What does this claim say about your products, service or overall business?

Find something you do so well that you can guarantee it, especially if your industry has a reputation for doing this poorly.  Look for a process in your business that links your products or services to quality or performance or reduces risk.

Sometimes simple things, such as custom scheduling blocks to eliminate long wait times, can make you stand out.  You only need ONE.   Identify your claim to fame and make it the focal point in your communication to customers and prospects.

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How to Put Substance Behind Your USP – for Better Results

A strong USP can make a big difference in your marketing and on your bottom line.  While it differentiates you from your competition, it also insures you don’t compete on price alone – a key to more profitable sales.

Whether your USP is built around quality, convenience or something else, it’s more powerful when you put some substance behind your claims.  Here’s how a former client and business owner in Marlton, NJ used this strategy to build his reputation and profit.

Business Spotlight on Rhino Global Solutions

As a global source for packaging, printing and displays, Rhino Global Solutions has been providing consistent and dependable quality for companies seeking a production advantage overseas for more than a decade. According to owner, Jerry Smith here are some the keys to building a strong, compelling USP — and giving it the punch it needs to help you stand out.

Talk to Customers.  Understanding the real issues or concerns is a key to developing a strong positioning and USP.  Don’t assume it’s just one thing such as price, quality, service, etc.  It may be a combination.  In talking with prospects and customers, Jerry learned that most companies won’t sacrifice quality for savings – so his company had to deliver on multiple levels.

Look for Niche Markets.  Larger companies were utilizing overseas production and being served  by larger competitors.  But the small and mid-size market was under-served.  This gap offered opportunities for Rhino Global Solutions if they could overcome perceived risks and uncertainty relating to quality.  What gaps exist in your industry – and how can you fill them?

Build Systems to Support Your USP. Your USP is a promise to customers; it’s what they can expect when they do business with you.  So it can’t be left to chance.  Systems that are repeatable by others ensure consistent, reliable delivery – whether you are there or not.  As a plus, good systems ensure efficiency that contributes to the bottom line and allows for sustainable growth and profit.

Back Up Quality Claims.  Many businesses will claim quality excellence.  Did you ever hear one say they did not provide quality products or services?  So it’s not enough to claim it – you need to own it.  The best way to do this is to back up your claims with actions or measurements.  Rhino Global Solutions uses a Quality Assurance Program and Guarantee to put some power behind their claims.  Their program is built around four elements:  communication, job performance, supplier selection and reporting.

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