7 Attitudes That Hurt Small Business Marketing

Are You Leveraging Your Marketing

When it comes to growth, there are hundreds of marketing and sales tactics you can use – from direct mail and networking to social media, email and cold calling. These techniques are easy to learn and implement if you avoid some beliefs that hurt your small business marketing efforts.

What’s Holding You Back?

It Needs to Be Perfect.  Your marketing is a reflection of you and your company, so you want it to look professional. But waiting for everything to be just right before you act causes you to do nothing.  The perfect marketing piece, script, commercial, fan page, website or post won’t help you grow if it remains ‘in the works’.

Something that is 80% perfect and implemented now will do a lot more to help you grow.  You’ll also learn from doing and can perfect it along the way.

I’m Not Creative.  Some of the best small business marketing, the kind that gets sales, comes from the heart.  It’s conversational and often grass-roots – non-traditional. As a small business, you actually know your customers.  You see them, speak with them and most of all understand them.

An agency, copy writer or designer can certainly polish things up, but you are the expert on your customers. Use that knowledge and create meaningful conversations. It’s a form of creativity that every small business can conquer.

Fear of Rejection.  What is the absolute worst thing that can happen if you pick up the phone, stop by a business, mail a printed piece or post something on social media?  Prospects can say NO, throw it away or not share it with others.

It’s not personal and it’s not the end of the world. But it is a numbers game – so keep plugging away and learn from your successes and failures.  Don’t let your fears hold you back.

I Don’t Have Time.  Sure you are busy.  Have you ever met an entrepreneur who wasn’t? But when things are important, we learn to make the time for them.  We make time for our families, customers and employees because they are important to our business and life.

If you want your business to grow, marketing and sales are very important, so make the time to work on them – even if it’s only 15 minutes a day. What can you possibly do in just 15 minutes?  Click here to check out the list I included in my article, #1 Rule to Drive Business Growth.

I Don’t Want to Look Pushy.  Okay nobody likes to be perceived as pushy – but persistence is a key to success.  It would be great if every prospect purchased at that first connection – online or in person.  But that rarely happens. Building awareness and trust takes time – typically seven or more contacts! If you give up after one or two tries to avoid looking pushy, you miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Don’t hound prospects, but a consistent follow-up system, variety of methods and a little persistence can go a long way.  A well-thought-out system for follow-up makes you and your company look professional, not pushy and can help you convert a lot more prospects to paying customers.

Fear Putting Myself Out There.  Small businesses are people businesses and most are started by someone with a technical skill that they learned.  The confidence to ‘get out there’ – to tell your story and connect with others – comes from learning and doing too!

Like anything new, you may initially feel uncomfortable. Preparation can go a long way here.  Script out and practice commercials ahead of time. Research what others are saying and doing on social media and at events. Just be your ‘passionate’ self. If this continues to be a struggle, seek training or assistance. Don’t let what others might think stop you!

I Need a Big Budget. While marketing requires an investment of both time and money, it does not require a big budget. It does require the right combination of tactics – those that actually work to create sales, not just leads – and a commitment to consistently implement them.

A lot of grass-roots or guerrilla marketing efforts are low-cost and very effective for small businesses.  They produce a good return on investment — and isn’t that what you want from your marketing? You need marketing to keep your business growing and you can afford it!

Now it’s time to get to work. Get over the need for perfection or fears that you might look silly or pushy. Be sincere. Have a plan based on your resources – time and money. Follow-up.

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