Business Tools

Free Stuff To Help You Grow

Business Tools to Help You GrowWhether you want to see how you measure up or need some profit building ideas, these business tools can help you grow and improve your small business.  And yes, they are all free.

But remember, it’s not what you learn but what you do with what you learn that really matters. Check them out and put what you learn to work in your business.

Business Tools

Business Success Checklist. How do you measure up? This checklist is designed to help you uncover the opportunities and actions needed to get more sales, profit, control, and freedom from your small business. Click here to download.

155+ Profit Building Ideas. There are a variety of ways to build more profit in your business. I’ve included over 155 of them. Based on YOUR goals, start adding some of these to your business activities. Click here to download.

Margin-Markup Calculation Tool. This Excel worksheet allows you to calculate gross profit margin and markup based on cost, selling price, etc. It also provides a ‘quick’ markup and margin comparison. Click here to download.


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