Would You Benefit from a Virtual Assistant?

benefit from virtual assistant

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed out?  Can’t get to the important, high-value tasks that will make your small business soar to new heights? It’s a common issue for many small business owners.  You need help but aren’t ready to go down the hiring path.  No problem, go with a virtual assistant!

Why businesses seek virtual help?

Most obvious, a VA allows you to remove routine tasks from your plate so you can focus on more important things – those that help you grow the business.  But he/she can also fill a skill gap and take on projects that require expertise that you don’t have or need to learn in order to be successful.  Better quality in a lot less time!  Of course, they can also fill the procrastination gap, projects you keep putting off because you simply hate to do them — even if they are a strength!

When I started my coaching practice, I hired a virtual assistant and still use her today for some tasks.  While the scope of what a virtual assistant can do will vary based on their expertise, here are some that small businesses may want to consider:

  • Updating contacts and implementing a system to stay connected with prospects and customers. Those business cards sitting on your desk aren’t doing you any good.  Put them to work!
  • Updating blogs, website or social media.  A set it and forget it approach doesn’t work. Consistency and frequency matter if you want to get leads and paying customers from your efforts.
  • Follow up calls.  From sales and appointment setting to post-sale feedback, a good system can easily be executed by your VA.
  • Research.  Need information on what your competitors are doing?  Looking for vendors or suppliers for products or services your company needs?  Wondering what applications you can use to support your business?  Let a VA do the legwork and provide you with the options or information to make a sound decision.

Looking to engage a virtual assistant? Even though they are not an employee, a virtual assistant is an extension of YOUR business.  Make sure there is a good fit.  Check out their background and experience as it relates to your goals.   What do you want him/her to do?

Prepare a list of all the tasks or projects you would like to get done or get done faster.  Then openly discuss them with your potential virtual assistant.  A quality VA will be honest about their capabilities and strengths.  Most want to focus on what they do efficiently and effectively — since it creates a win-win.  If the items on your wish list fall outside their realm of expertise, they may even recommend someone else that better fits your needs.

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