How to Make Your Business Work Simply

How To Make Your Business Work Simply

There are some things in life that are complicated. Business doesn’t need to be one of them. You don’t need to be Einstein to invent new ways to create a better business. But it does require two things – goals and systems.

Many small businesses lack clear direction. So one of the first things I recommend to clients is that they define and prioritize what they want to accomplish over the next 12 months. When you have simple goals and share them with your team, everyone is on the same page. It gets them focused on the results you want.

I’ve had clients increase sales and profit significantly simply by defining and sharing their goals. Then they track results and communicate how they are doing.  This allows the owner to recognize them for a job well done or get their input to make adjustments when necessary.

Client Examples:  Simple Ways to Improve Your Business
  • A medical practice wanted to increase the number of new patients. Before we jumped into marketing, we tweaked some current procedures, including answering phones, scheduling appointments and new patient intake. We made sure that first contact was friendly, efficient and helpful. With scripts and procedures to make it easy, retraining staff and new patient goals, the practice added at least 25 new patients each month. They now have a strong foundation to make future marketing and lead generation activities pay off.
  • A commercial cleaning company wanted to grow customers in a few key segments. We developed key speaking points, a letter of introduction and a follow-up phone script. We modified their proposals to address both price and differentiation. With this in place, we implemented a campaign to contact 10 new prospects weekly. We generated three new clients the first month.  This is now an ongoing effort that continues to pay dividends.
  • A professional service firm was not pro-actively requesting referrals or testimonials from current clients. We implemented a quick phone survey for them to use when they completed a service such as tax preparation, planning or other business initiatives. While the feedback helped with our ongoing improvement efforts, the survey gave them the chance to ask for and receive referrals and testimonials. New business through referrals has produced sales growth without additional marketing investments.

As these examples demonstrate, doing small, often simple things, can make a difference in your sales and profits. Set goals and get others engaged. Apply a little innovation and you have a recipe for success.

Ready to Put Your Business on the Path to Success?

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