Direct Mail: A Perfect Complement to Digital Marketing

Direct Mail - A Perfect Complement to Digital MarketingWhile digital marketing, such as email and social media, has the spotlight these days, integrating online and offline strategies is a powerful way to maximize results, attract new business and build existing customer relationships. If you are looking for ways to complement your online efforts, take a fresh look at direct mail. Here’s why.

Direct mail is a direct response medium that is designed to solicit a response or action – call, drop by location or visit your website or social media page. According to consumer data, direct mail is viewed as a trustworthy source for marketing information. In addition, printed pieces leave a deeper impression than those viewed on a computer, tablet or phone screen.

4 Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Pay Off

Targeting. To minimize waste and reach your ideal customers, direct mail allows you to segment at all levels. From simple geography to more complex demographics and lifestyle elements. You have more control over who sees your message and make it unique and compelling for them.

Timing. Your message needs to reach people when the purchase is most likely to happen. This requires a little planning so your marketing hits when decisions are top of mind. For example, a landscaper will likely achieve better response with a spring mailing than one that is done mid-summer. Give some thought to key buying triggers in your business and plan your mailings to arrive early in the process.

Trackability. When set-up properly, you can determine which targets (markets or segments), offers or designs worked best – delivered highest response rates or sales. Using this information allows you to tweak future campaigns to further improve results. Some ways to track results include coding coupons, QR codes to special landing pages, tracking deliveries, or capturing zip codes/locations on phone calls or visits to your business.

Purpose. Use it the right way. Direct mail can be costly if your purpose is to build awareness. In these situations, mass strategies like print ads, TV or radio may work best. Remember, direct mail is a direct response medium – designed to drive sales or other actions from YOUR ideal target.

For some additional direct mail do’s and don’t, check out 10 Tips to Attract More Customers.

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