The Business Letter – A Forgotten Tool

Business Letters - forgotten marketing tool

Sure email, websites and social media provide low-cost ways to reach prospects and customers.  But with all the technology out there, many small businesses often overlook the business letter as a marketing tool.

What a shame because it’s a great way to capture new business. Think about it. Today we all operate on email and text overload – but when was the last time you heard someone complain about getting too many letters?  With less competition, your message may actually get through!

So if you are looking for a new way to market your business, give letters a try.

7 Ways To Make Your Business Letters Pay Off

  1. Write like you speak – this is a key.  Keep the letter conversational in tone and avoid business jargon.
  2. Be emotional.  Make sure your letter hits on the pain, worry or other emotional needs of YOUR target.  Be specific; don’t soften it up or be too cute.
  3. Provide concrete solutions to their emotional needs.  How are you going to be able to help them? Remember benefits, not features!
  4. Make it personal.  Mail merge programs make it easy to create a personal letter.  Avoid generics like business owner, homeowner, or resident.
  5. Create credibility by referencing neighbors, colleagues or similar businesses you’ve helped.  People respond when they believe you know and understand them.
  6. Create a reason to act or take away the risk.  Include an offer or even a guarantee to compel them to act. Include the action you want them to take or what follow-up action you will initiate.  Don’t leave it to chance or assume they will know.
  7. Use sub-headlines.  If the letter is longer, use sub-headlines to break it up.  This can be very effective for those who scan before they read.  Make your sub-heads stand out.

If you market to other businesses and want your letter opened, try this.  Instead of using labels, hand-write the envelope or use a handwriting font.  Use blue, not black ink.  It gives the letter a personal feel that gets through the gatekeeper or other staff.

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