How An Audience Statement Can Help Your Marketing

Audience StatementWhether your marketing includes networking, referrals, strategic alliances, direct mail or social media, the best results start with a clear audience statement.  Not to be confused with a commercial or elevator speech, an audience statement is a short paragraph that outlines vital information about your ideal customers.

In marketing, it serves two purposes.  First, it helps you create more meaningful messages for potential customers so they respond to your efforts.  Second, it helps you get quality referrals from others.   The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it is for others to find them for you!

How To Create An Audience Statement

So how do you create an audience statement?  Start by making a list of everything you know about your customers.  Go beyond basic demographics.  What do they like, enjoy or want?   What are their concerns, fears or challenges?  Using the list, craft a short paragraph.  Here’s an example for my business.

 “My audience is primarily made up of small business owners who value results and relationships, are open to new ideas, committed to learning and passionate about their business and personal success.  They have a lot of ideas but struggle with the how-to execute or where to start. In some cases, they can’t find the time to juggle all the responsibilities of running a business.  These business owners need someone they trust to help them plan, prioritize, stay focused, make it easy and get it done.”

Once crafted, share it with others involved in marketing your company and memorize it so you can easily and passionately tell others who ask.  Refer to it when preparing any marketing – from direct mail to social media.

Now that you have your audience statement, make a list of how your products or services can help them.  How can it solve their problems, ease their fears or make their life better, simpler or more profitable?

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