Action Planning


A Winning Year Starts with Preparation

It’s true in sports and in business.  Will this year be the start of something great or just another year of frustration? More than ever, it is all about attitude and action. It starts with a roadmap or action plan.

Whether you want major growth and recovery from the challenges of the past two years or more control and flexibility for the future, you need a road map to get there.

Sure you can do it yourself. But if frustration or procrastination gets in the way, it’s time to get help. If the past year has left you uncertain about your direction, it’s time to get help. 

Better Together | Action Planning Your Success

My common sense action plan provides the clarity and actionable steps you need to execute easily and get results! But the personal support you get as you work through the process can be a game-changer.

Simplicity.  My whole business approach and step-by-step method make it easy to uncover opportunities, set goals, and prioritize what you need to do. It’s a proven technique I’ve used with clients for more than a decade. I made it simple and it works.

Access and support. Whether you encounter obstacles, need to validate concepts, or brainstorm new ideas, access to someone who can help during the process saves you time and keeps you moving forward.

Different perspective. Another set of eyes and someone to challenge the status quo is often the key to real change and improvement.

Accountability. We all benefit from deadlines and having someone in our corner to keep us on track and support our goals. When it comes to success, accountability is priceless.

3 Virtual Sessions + Support = A Recipe for Success

Before our first session, I will provide instructions, tools, and a few exercises to help you get started. I keep it simple — so no worries!

Session 1: This 60-minute phone or video conference (Zoom or Google Meet) session is dedicated to a discussion of your goals, potential obstacles, and some practical tactics and tools you can use to get there. I’ve made it easy, but want to ensure we are on the same page.

Session 2: One-hour session for progress reporting and brainstorming to work through any roadblocks and keep you on track. Accountability matters.

Session 3:  60-minute session to review your plan for feedback and successful implementation.

BONUS:  Email access throughout the process for quick questions or feedback. I want to eliminate roadblocks that may impede your progress and enjoy providing this extra service.

This package allows us to work together to build YOUR action plan or roadmap—from start to finish. While some complete the plan in less than two weeks, others take 30 days. How long it takes you will depend on the time you can dedicate to planning. I’m here to support you – but you need to invest time too.

I also recommend that we schedule the three sessions in advance based on how you wish to allocate your time for planning. This makes it easier for you to get appointments at times you prefer. More importantly, it establishes your personal deadlines for completion — great for accountability. 

Planning-Set Priorities

It’s Never Too Late to Plan

At only $695, my action planning program provides the personalized help and support you need to plan your success and execute with ease.  

Not sure if this program is a good fit for you?  Then let’s have a conversation.   Book call now